Evaluation Tools

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Evaluation Tools


All students are required to take a pre-event survey and a post-event survey. The University of Arizona IPE activities were evaluated with the Interprofessional Attitudes Scale (IPAS) from 2016-2020, with permission from the authors. All post-event survey suggestions are taken into consideration for the improvement of future CTIPH events.

UArizona Interprofessional Teamwork Survey

Margie Arnett and Dr. Lynn Tomasa reviewed the original IPAS factor analysis and five factors were identified. On July 12, 2021, Dr. Lynn Tomasa created a shortened version, including eight newly designed questions. Questions with a significant drop in factor loadings were deleted based on each item's factor strength. Dr. Tomasa also revised some questions to reflect clarity in the root structure of the sentence.  This current version has a total of 23 questions.


IPE activities are credit/no credit. Students who complete the pre-event survey, attend the activity, and complete a post-event survey receive a CTIPH certificate in D2L.

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Facilitators debrief after each event, and feedback is collected to improve CTIPH events.

Event Reports