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Center for Transformative Interprofessional Healthcare

Message from the Director

Thank you for visiting the Center for Transformative Interprofessional Healthcare (CTIPH) website. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the University of Arizona Health Sciences event chairs, college directors and liaisons, facilitators, co-hosts, interns and our many community partners for their collaborations and support! I'm grateful for the many volunteers who facilitate UArizona interprofessional education and practice (IPEP), promote collaborative care, encourage positive interactions and demonstrate best practices at each CTIPH event. 

CTIPH is committed to high-quality interprofessional health education, student-centered activities, and team-based healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the necessity of interprofessional collaboration among our healthcare and public health communities. Together we strive to create opportunities that prepare students for their future roles on healthcare teams. 

CTIPH foundational online interprofessional activities reach several hundred UArizona students from diverse training programs. Students from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the Arizona Health and Education Centers (AHEC) are invited and participate annually. I am honored to partner with ASTEC and iCAPS in the advancement of IPEP. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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Margie R. Arnett

Center for Interprofessional Transformative Healthcare

Learn, Engage, Community

Dr. Dan Derksen, Associate Vice President for Health Equity, Outreach & Interprofessional Activities at UArizona discusses the importance of Interprofessional education and how it can create a healthier Arizona.



What is IPE and why is it important to healthcare? 



How do we engage community-based stakeholders in the process of interprofessional education?  



How can interprofessional education create a healthier Arizona?