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IPEC Core Competencies


Required Fundamental Interprofessional Education Programs at UAHS

Four events occur each year that are required by the COM-Tucson, COP, and the BSN and MEPN program of the CON.  These events have participation from students in the UAHS Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.  Other UA schools as well as ASU, NAU, Midwestern University, and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences also attend.

Interprofessionalism for Patient Safety - in a Simulation Lab Enviornment

Purpose:  Interprofessionalism for Patient Safety focuses on roles, scopes of practice and teamwork.  Small groups of students explore and learn how collaborative teamwork promotes positive patient outcomes.

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Purpose: A simulated pandemic emergency that provides students with an exposure to issues that arise in a pandemic, introduces the concept of all-hazards preparedness, addresses the roles and responsibilities of different professionals, and underscores the importance of coordination and teamwork in preventing and controlling the spread of disease.

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CPR Interprofessional Team Behavior Simulation

Purpose: The Interprofessional Team Behavior Simulation aims to develop vital team skills such as closed-loop communication, constructive intervention, knowledge sharing, reevaluation and summarizing, and mutual respect. The simulation provides students with the opportunity to work with other health professions and respond to a code, thereby learning effective communication to form a functional team for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

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Disabilities: An Interprofessional Exercise

Purpose: Disabilities: An Interprofessional Exercise introduces students to important topics in the lives of people with disabilities. The exercise teaches students the roles and functions of the members of an interprofessional team in the delivery of patient-centered care for persons with disabilities.

Summary Highlights - 2014-15 Event Highlights - 2015-16 Event Highlights

Additional Interprofessional Events

Annual CLARION Competition

  • An elite IPE student competition designed to encourage communication among disciplines
  • The winning UAHS student team will travel to MN and compete at the national competition, for the chance to win a grand prize of $7,500
  • UAHS wins 1st place 2017 National CLARION case competition

Annual Interprofessional Rural Health Professions Conference

  • UA and multiple remote locations via Zoom online streaming
  • Sixth annual event to be held Spring 2018

Links to Past Annual Interprofessional Rural Health Professions Conferences

  • UA and multiple remote locations via webex and online streaming
  • One keynote speaker, two presenters, 11 facilitators, 157 attendees in Spring 2015


Flagstaff Cultural Wisdom Conference

  • Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona participants in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • One keynote speaker and 88 attendees in Fall 2014

Interprofessional Rural Telemedicine Simulation I

  • Apache Junction; Flagstaff and Yuma, Arizona locations via telemedicine
  • 17 student participants and 2 facilitators in Spring 2015

Interprofessional Rural Telemedicine Simulation II

  • UA and four remote locations via IPADS
  • 10 student participants and 1 facilitator in Spring 2015

Please call (520) 626-4027 for information about future events.